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Make Your Own Draught Excluder

What's involved?

Draughts excluders can be cheap and simple or art projects! If you are looking for something easy and functional, you can upcycle an old pair of trousers. If you would like something more detailed, you can select fabrics, stitch details, create patchwork projects, fashion your excluder into shapes- your only limit is your imagination!


This challenge is suitable for all ages as difficulty levels vary depending on draught excluder style. For a needle-free option, tights can be stuffed and tied at one end.


You can make your draught excluder however you like! You can follow the guides provided or create something from your own imagination!


You will need:

Fabric or an old pair of trousers

Stuffing (you could also use old clothing/ fabric or plastic bags)

Measuring tape

A pair of scissors

Needle and thread

Decorative patches (optional)


Create your draught excluder using the guides and send us a picture of the finished product!

Why get involved?

Heating our homes is one of the largest contributors to our personal CO2. Something as simple as lowering your thermostat by just 1 degree can reduce your carbon footprint by 300kg and reduce your heating bill by £55 a year!


There are lots of simple things we could do to make our homes warmer without turning up the heating. One option is to block cold draughts around the house using a draught excluder. Draught excluders can be quick, easy and effective.


The thought of tackling climate change can be intimidating, however, if we each try to reduce our personal carbon footprints, we will be helping reduce the overall carbon footprint of Wells (and the rest of the UK!), making Wells a more sustainable place to live, work and visit.

How to get involved?

Step 1) Sign in, sign up for this challenge and we will email you the 'Super Simple' guides for an idea of how to get started

Step 2) Find some fabric

Step 3) Create your draught excluder and place it in front of your draughtiest door

Step 4) Take and photo and share it to inspire others!

Ideal Skills

  • Design & Illustration
  • Working independently
  • Sustainability

Ideal Interests

  • Creative and Arts
  • Design
  • Other
  • Sustainability

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