Living Well

Brighten Up Your Life!

Sometimes we all need a little help to brighten up our lives.   

This challenge from Project Factory is one of the Life Coaching Activities that they use to help you create more balance in your life.  

What's involved?

During this time in lockdown when there is so much uncertainty, and people face difficult times, we may need a little help to find the brightness.  

This exercise involves spending some time reflecting on various aspects of your life and looking at what you can do to brighten it up.   

Why get involved?

The tool we will send you will help you identify areas where you want to be more fulfilled or balanced.  

It will help you to identify what you want to focus on and set some goals.  

How to get involved?

Sign up for this challenge and we will send you the Brighten Up Your Life! Coaching tool and instructions.  

Ideal Interests

  • Wellbeing
  • Health

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