Living well in lockdown

'A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.  The man who never reads lives only one.'  George R.R. Martin

The Librarian of Wells Cathedral School has offered us this challenge to read one book from her selection of ten different categories:  

Survive,   Imagine ,  Look Back,  Smile,  Run,  Investigate,  Shiver,  Travel,   Empower, Cry.  

There are hundreds of books to choose from, and book choices are suitable for 11+ to adult.  


What's involved?

Simply download the Book List that we will send you when you sign up for this challenge.   And start reading.  


Why get involved?

Many of us are spending many hours on screens.  Getting absorbed in a good book is one way of taking care of yourself.   



How to get involved?

Sign up for this challenge and we will send you the Ten Book Challenge.   

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