Living well in lockdown



Challenge 1

Ten Book Challenge

Join us in this reading challenge and try out these ten different categories of books.

Challenge 2

Take a Local Walk

Why not combine your daily exercise with some local history?

Challenge 3

Creative Wellbeing Box

This short creative course supplies you with a materials box via post, weekly activities and optional digital group gatherings / tutorials.

Challenge 4

A Survival Strategy

Want to know how you can survive lockdown?

Challenge 5

Healthy Hacks

Will 2021 be the year you make some simple changes to improve your health?

Challenge 6

Get Moving

Do you want to be more active but not sure what is out there?

Challenge 7

Drawing Mindfully

Spend a happy couple of hours immersed in the world of drawing. Wells Art Contemporary (WAC) will show you how.

Challenge 8

Keep Calm and Eat Spinach

This challenge is set by Wells Lions Club and is all about learning, and then cooking, with an underused vegetable. You will learn about the nutritional value of spinach, follow a recipe for its use in a vegetarian main meal.

Challenge 9

Brighten Up Your Life!

Need some help to brighten up your life?

Challenge 10

Intentional Solitude

Take time to connect with yourself