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Laptops for Schools

City of Wells Lions and Wells Cornavirus Network (WCN) are collecting unwanted desktop PCs and laptops. If you have desktop PCs or laptops for which you have no further use these can be used by our school children in their distance learning while they are at home.

What's involved?

If you have a PC, Laptop, or Tablet for which you no longer have any use please call 0345 833 6736 and ask for Lions or email cityofwellslions@gmail.com or call Wells Coronavirus Network 01749 467079. We will organise collection.

All IT Devices collected by Lions and WCN are checked to see if they work and are then passed over to a technician who undertakes the following procedure. The magnetic hard drives are wiped to US Department of Defence standards, which involves writing over the disk multiple times to ensure that any previous data cannot be recovered. Solid Stated Drives (SSD) are erased using the disk’s own internal secure erase command. At this point any computers deemed to be unusable are sent to a waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) recycling service. Google’s Chrome Operating System (OS) is installed on the usable computers. Google’s Chrome OS provides a minimal OS based around the Chrome Browser that allows students to access their School’s Learning Portal, do homework, participate in video conferences etc. The Cheddar Vale Lions recommended the Chrome OS, specifically Google-owned Neverware Chrome Ready, based on advice from the local Academy Wessex Learning Trust. Next all computers and peripherals are subjected to Portable Appliance Testing (PAT). Finally all model numbers, serial numbers and configuration details are recorded before distribution to school children in need.

Cheddar Vale Lions are running a similar programme through the BBC’s Laptops for Schools programme and the process described has been endorsed by the BBC and also the Cheddar Chamber of Commerce.

Why get involved?

Support our Schools and children, who are not so fortunate to own a computer, in their learning.

How to get involved?

Log in to your account or sign up to Volunteer Makers.

Accept the challenge and then we will send you further details.


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