About us

About us

Let's Do It! Wells was launched during the 2020 national lockdown and we think this shows the spirit of our amazing little city. Against all the odds we are proving to be stronger than ever.

Organisations across Wells and the surrounding area led by The Bishop's Palace and supported by The Heritage Lottery Fund, have joined together to create this platform. It is a fun, free and easy way to volunteer, take part and support all the wonderful things that go on in our community. Please spread the word. 

We are using a tried and tested model designed by a local company, Volunteer Makers, which is inspiring communities across the country to take action. 

Time is precious, and everyone is busy, so we've set up challenges that you can do in a matter of minutes, a couple of hours, a day, or more. 

All you do is accept the challenge of your choice and get involved! It's a great way to meet new people, learn new skills - and you can download a copy of your challenges to add to your CV.

The advantage of Let's Do It! Wells being online is that even if you are a busy person, perhaps struggle to get out and about, or are not living in the local area, you can still support our community.

This site will help us celebrate your achievements and help the organisations you join in with to highlight the power of community involvement (funders love to hear about this kind of thing so even though you may not be giving money you are giving something very valuable).

So far we are made up of the following organisations. Please contact us if your charity or local not for profit group would like to join. The more the merrier!


  • The Bishop's Palace (Funder, licence holder and main contact)
  • Wells Coronavirus Network (Operational partner)
  • The Connect Centre
  • The Lawrence Centre
  • Wells Civic Society
  • Friends of Wells Cathedral
  • Project Factory
  • Wells & Mendip Museum
  • Wells Heritage Partners
  • Health Connections Mendip
  • Visit Wells
  • Burcott Road Area Residents Association
  • City Of Wells Lions Club
  • Heads Up
  • Wells Dementia Action Alliance
  • Abbeyfield
  • Wells Cathedral School
  • WOW Fest
  • Wells City Council
  • Sustainable Wells
  • YMCA  Brunel Group
  • Mid Somerset Oxfam Group
  • WAC (Wells Art Contemporary)
  • Mendip Hospital Cemetery
  • Wells Neighbourhood Watch
  • Wells Vineyard Church (Wells Foodbank)
  • St. Margaret's Hospice


 WCN Heritage fund  Bhisops Palace